Tips On How To Throw A Fun 50s Theme Party

Thinking of throwing a themed party? This fun theme will have your guests talking about it for months to come…!

Start with the invitations

Party invitations are always important, as they tend to give the receiver the first look of the party. While you can very well find plenty of inspiration online, we are sure your party guests would love to have invitations that are inspired by the pinup girls. Pinup girl clothing from Australia (or at least, some material that resembles that) also can make a great material for your invitations. Instead of sending the invitations by mail, consider hand delivering it. you can even share a few more details about the party when you deliver the cards yourself.

Dress up, and ask everyone to dress up accordingly

It’s no point you dressing up sharp in 50s style dresses, if everyone else is going to turn up in their modern day attired. Ask everyone else to join in the fun of poofy, frilly skirts and checkered jackets. According to how intimate your party guest list is, you can even ask them to dress according to a color theme in addition to the era. This way, when the pictures turn up, it will all look spectacular! If you happen to opt for this, you can provide everyone with 50s style hats or sunglasses (depending on the time you plan on having you party, of course); which can be fun props for pictures, and can also double as party favors.

Host is at a venue that will rock your theme

While you might have hosted all your parties at home so far, for this particular theme, consider hiring a place outside. A vintage coffee shop or bar will be ideal for this; for where you can arrive in a classic top less car. If this is not possible, or if you simply don’t want the added expense, consider turning the whole thing into a pool partyif the weather permits, of course. You can set up a bar on the side, with high raised bar stools in those bright 50s colors, and your venue will be set…!

Try to match up your food and drinks to your theme

In all honesty, we don’t eat food much differently in the modern times. But it’s still worth trying to match up your food to your theme. As for the soft drinks; you can never go wrong with old fashioned Coca-Cola. And whether it is a tea party or not, cupcakeswith frosting and a merry little cherry on top. Other ice-creams and sundaes, home made cones and sweet syrupy toppings will also go perfectly for this themeespecially if it is a poor party or a party in the summer. Again, all of this depends on your guests; their age and the length of your guest list.

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